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Spring Clean

I have lots of clients who forget to use things in their kitchen, precious ingredients stored away. Sometimes just moving things like nuts and seeds into view can help remind you important foods to include in your cooking. This is also a great way to encourage children to make different food choices, they are more likely to snack on nuts if they can see them directly in their view! Sourcing some clear glass storage jars and taking foods out of hiding can actually have a big impact in how you use the foods you have available. Spring is a great time to have a bit of a kitchen cleanse: ✨Go through cupboards, use up ingredients you forgot about. ✨Use food apps to give away things that you bought on a whim but are never going to use ,such as ✨Check that ingredients you have on your kitchen work surface are the most important things to have in eyesight, not just for you but everyone in your household. ✨Use up food in the freezer - your freezer is a great way to ensure healthy homemade food even when you’re short of time, but don’t forget to actually use it!

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