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Lunch Plate in 5 Mins

Egg flan with spinach, nutmeg and feta made for dinner last night, eaten cold today for lunch.

👌Eating leftover food for lunch is a fantastic way to manage a busy working day but still make sure you are eating well and looking after yourself.

I added a bunch of rocket (no prep) and some savoury seeds - that I aim to make every week (they take 2 mins of prep, 15 mins to cook, see website for recipe), totally worth it for an easy addition of good fats and protein to any salad.

💚On top of this I have a handful of sprouted seeds, high in phyto nutrients and fantastically good for you. I’d encourage you to buy these as part of your weekly shop, or even better still if you have the desire, to sprout them yourself, super easy!

✅Adding sprouted seeds to any food seriously ups your nutritional intake. It’s these small additions that take things to another level, high in some serious phytonutrients that are a game changer to optimal health.

Broccoli sprouts are an immature broccoli plant containing huge amounts of a compound called sulphorane, with evidence to suggest that this nutrient can prevent DNA damage that leads to cancer and prevents inflammation that leads to neurodegenerative diseases.

It really is hugely beneficial to include sprouted seeds regularly into your food intake: sprinkle on top of hummus and crackers or add to salads or sandwiches for a delicious fresh crunch!

☺️Obviously it doesn’t always feel this easy but when it does you realise the benefits of just a little planning and a few leftovers!

These are the sorts of things I help my clients think about and give simple ideas to, to upgrade their nutrition and optimise their health.


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