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Upgrade food to balance out hormonal changes through this next stage of life


Eating Well for Menopause
A workshop designed to give you a deeper understanding of how and why nutrition effects our hormones:

  • Understand how to use foods to your advantage as you reach the stage of perimenopause

  • Gain tools and information that you can implement immediately

  • Learn about simple concepts about how to eat to support:​

    • ​Bone health​

    • Sexual wellbeing

    • Stress and mental health

    • Improve digestion and optimise liver function

Overview of the Workshop: 

  • A two hour workshop with expert nutritional advice

  • Up to 8 women in each group

  • Relaxed and intimate environment

  • Inspiring and relevant recipes

  • Sheets of notes with all the information covered

  • Plenty of time for questions and answers

Learn With Friends:

If you have friends who would also love to know about how to use nutrition to help manage menopause symptoms why not create your own group and I will do the workshop just for you?

This is a lovely way to learn and share the experience.

Option available to host the workshop at your home.


Contact me for more information.


"Such an educational evening - a real eye opener. I had no idea how much of an impact what I do and don't eat is having on my menopause symptoms. I'm genuinely relieved to know I have some control over this. Thank you so much Amber"

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