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Join a group of like minded women online for the perfect 6 week course, taking you back to basics with nutrition and health.

Next Course Starts September 2024


What You Will Gain From Nutrition Reboot

* You will learn the most fundamental aspects of nutrition 

I will support you to ensure your daily food intake is nourishing you

* You will leave knowing how to upgrade what you eat to reach your health or weight goals

* A supportive journey, learning week on week, with ongoing accountability and guidance

The course is perfect for you if you:

  • Enjoy learning in a group setting with other like minded women

  • Would love to get to grips with your eating habits and feel in control

  • Are ready to make a commitment to change 

  • May be keen to lose some weight - no dieting involved

  • Are looking to have more energy and vitality

  • Need inspiration about what to cook

  • Want to understand about the connection between what you eat and how you feel

Overview Of Nutrition Reboot Course

  • Next course starts 16 September 2024, 7- 8pm every Monday night, on zoom

  • Expert nutritional advice from myself, a Nutritional Therapist for over 12 years

  • Relaxed, supportive environment, fully interactive

  • Focus each week on new nutritional concepts, details below 

  • Recipes and inspiring ideas to accompany every session

  • Pdf of notes with all the information covered

  • Food diary reviews

  • Additional one-to-one support available on request

    > Cost of 6 week course - £270
    > Pay by end August - £240
    > Pay by end July - £198

Food To Eat

Details of the Course

* Introduction, overviews of optimal ways to eat, how to begin your Nutrition Reboot. 

Importance of prepping, planning and proteins

* Reducing inflammation and improving cognition with essential fats
* Complex carbohydrates and breaking the sugar habit

* Supporting liver and balancing hormones
* Improving energy, aiming for good quality sleep

* Medicinal foods, appreciating how to use "food as medicine"

* Priorities, lifestyle, stress, moving forward


"Amber's gentle and down-to-earth manner is wonderful for teaching the importance of nutrition.

I left her course feeling inspired."

“If you don’t like diets but know you could be eating better, or if you have just run out of ideas, Amber’s classes will inspire you to think about eating tasty food in a healthier way.”

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