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What is a Nutritional Therapist?

Nutritional therapists apply nutrition science to promote health and well-being. To do this, a nutritional therapist will use a range of tools to evaluate the health of a patient, then subsequently advises on lifestyle and dietary/nutritional practices to maintain good health, reduce the risk of disease and help support chronic conditions. This is all underpinned by the recognition that every person is unique and, therefore, the programmes they devise are personally tailored to the client.


Nutritional therapists also follow the Functional Medicine Model which looks at, amongst other things, how diet, lifestyle and genetics can all play an important part in the makeup of an individual.


It’s important to remember that nutritional therapy is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and if a practitioner identifies any 'red flag' symptoms indicative of a serious health issue, they will refer clients to an appropriate medical professional.

How long should I see a Nutritional Therapist for?

Every case is individual and very much depends on your starting point and support required. We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure you are able to start seeing some changes with the nutrition plan provided for you (Kickstart Package). For many people however, it makes more sense to take a period of 3 months to embed changes and create a more sustainable change (Transform Package).


Do you work in person or online?

I have been working online since March 2020 using Zoom, and have found it is completely comfortable for clients. I will continue to work this way unless a client specifically prefers to come in person, in which case, if rules allow, I will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in the space I have available. 

Are you able to visit me at home?

If the situation calls for it then I am happy to come to your home and do the consultation there, if for example you are not mobile, or unable to access an online consultation. Depending on length of journey there may be an extra charge for travel time which I will discuss with you at the time of booking.


Do you do testing?

I have several companies I use to do testing, and this very much depends on your health symptoms, your budget and your goals. This is something that we would discuss at the initial consultation. If I felt it was important to get tests done I would absolutely recommend them. 

Do you recommend supplements?

My aim is always to use food first with clients, and review diet. Depending on the level of nourishment, the health symptoms and the desire of the client I will recommend supplements that I think would be particularly beneficial and appropriate. I try not to overload my clients with supplements.


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