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Improve Your Diet

Begin your journey to optimal health with this one month starter package 


The Kickstart Nutrition Package is the perfect way to begin upgrades to what and how you eat, in order to achieve all your health, nutrition and weight goals. 

​With 4 appointments and detailed analysis of your food intake I provide all the information and support you will need to begin your journey to health and healthy eating.  


An initial 90 mins consultation allows me to create a detailed map of your current health, lifestyle and food intake, whilst also looking at medical history and family connections.


The process of Nutrition For Health is a journey and not a "one plan fits all". A personalised nutrition plan is built, specifying nutritional and lifestyle changes. I include ideas for every meal, alongside simple nutritious recipes, working within your budget and time constraints.

The Kickstart Nutrition Package includes 3 follow up appointments, the minimum that I recommended in order to adapt the initial plan and ensure it is working as effectively as possible for you. This means we will work together for one month and start to implement real changes to your nutrition that will have a clear impact on how you feel.

Depending on the complexity of the issues and the amount of support required, further appointments can be useful. 
Where necessary I will suggest functional tests to understand more about what is going on internally. 


Genova Diagnostics and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences are among the companies I use.  

Watch Testimonial Videos:


Optional Extras

  • A cookery class can teach you what you need to know to make this programme work for you.

  • Kitchen detox: I will spend 3 hours with you, doing a kitchen declutter - an invaluable way to set you up to make better choices

  • Provide menu plans based around your needs: I am able to put together a detailed weekly plan which can be especially helpful if you have food intolerances or allergies, or very specific food requirements, or just require more support.

Amber In the Kitchen


"My consultation with Amber has been a life-changing experience.

Living on my own, I had got into a rut with ready-meals and takeaways and my poor diet was affecting my overall health and energy levels. Amber has given me endless resources to cook healthy and delicious food and to look at meals in a whole new way.

Through Amber's advice and recipes I am now feeling more energised and have a much healthier relationship to food. Amber is non-judgemental and a great listener and she tailors her advice to everyone's different needs and tastes.

Before I had met with Amber, cooking for one seemed like a huge chore but now it's thoroughly enjoyable and I am forever grateful for her help."


—  Craig, 47 years old

Kickstart Testimonials
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