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Simple.  Delicious. Nutritious.

"Love this book. Have seen Ambers stuff on insta for while now and liked how her food and recipes looked. I’m usually bit rubbish at cooking to be honest but am keen. Follow a lot of Jamie Oliver and Nigella too cos they are simple to follow and tasty. Ambers recipes are like that but healthy. Def worth a try.”

“Love this recipe book. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives so I feel like I’m cheating but I’m really not! This is it!! And so easy to follow with pictures to make sure that I know what it should look like! Definitely worth getting”

“Amber’s recipes are amazing. They are simple to follow and always taste great. The granola is my go-to breakfast, I love the soups, and the quinoa salad is a favourite.”

As a Nutritional Therapist since 2011 I have written and collated hundreds of recipes for my clients with a view to inspiring them, with simple, delicious, nutritious meals. Now this is available to anyone, client or not!

Thinking about real people living in the 21st century, a recipe book as an app means it is always accessible, described by one new user as "shockingly useful".

Alongside the recipe book, you can see new recipes and short videos showing me cooking on Instagram.

Ultimately, I believe that food can make us feel wonderful, energised, and give us all the nutrients we need to live our best lives, supporting us to be in optimal health.

Recipes By Amber, Cover
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