Let me create the perfect nutrition workshop for you.

Learn with family, friends or colleagues. 


Create Your Own Workshop

I love creating workshops for people on a variety of issues, as ultimately this is your own personal experience of health, food, nutrition. Whatever you have a particularly interest in or need for, I will put together a workshop just for you and your friends, family, community or colleagues.

This is a lovely way to learn and share an experience together. Option available to host the workshop at your home.


Examples of previous bespoke workshops that I have run:

  • Healthy breakfasts and snack ideas for a group of parents looking for inspiration

  • Getting prepared for university for a group of 17/18 year old, a vital step on the road to independence 

  • How to start being vegan, a cook-a-long for a group of young adults. Being vegan sounds great, but knowing how to ensure you are nourished and not missing important food groups is vital. 

  • Gluten free cooking for a group of carers who look after a young woman with round the clock care whose meals they prepare

  • Tips and tricks to deal with fussy eaters, for a group of frustrated parents.

Call me now to discuss possibilities.  All challenges are welcome!

Depending on restrictions groups can be held at my home, at your home or online.