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Coaching For Health

Intuitive coaching will help you to align with your health and weight goals by understanding and breaking down blocks and limiting beliefs

Is Coaching For Me?

  • Do you undervalue your health?

  • Ignore your body’s symptoms and messages?

  • Is self sabotage a story that resonates?

  • Are you someone who makes excuses about having no time?

  • Have the needs of everyone else always come above your own?

  • Do you live in the belief that you don’t deserve what others around you have?

  • Is it everyone else's fault that you haven't achieved your heart's desire?

  • Are the things that you wish you had really the ones that matter most to you? 


We ALL have limiting beliefs and blocks that hold us back from what we want in our life. Becoming consciously aware of what these are through the power of intuitive coaching can unlock an area that will align you to what you truly desire. 


If you have spent decades wondering why you don’t see the results you want, why you can’t quite get a grip on your health, why you always end up back in the same place, or worse, why your health is on the wrong trajectory, why you yo-yo from one diet to another never achieving what you want, then coaching is an incredible way to break out of these patterns.

Can you envisage living with the mindset that you are deserving?

How would it feel to love yourself in a way that allows you to prioritise yourself?

What if you were able to close the gap between what is right now and what you desire?

Coaching and nutrition are THE perfect companions to optimal health and weight.  The integration of Nutritional Therapy and coaching into one programme can be transformative.

Supporting yourself nutritionally whilst also opening yourself up to deeper understanding of your limiting beliefs can unlock a huge potential for being in alignment with your health needs. 

🔥Training at Illumina Coaching Institute I hold the torch that has been lit by them, to illuminate you, to shine a light on your future possibility of optimal health and vitality in order to live your best life. It is possible for you to step into that space.

If any of this resonates with you then why not book an Exploratory Hour with me to take a look below the surface at what might be holding you back. This really is a way for you to explore whether coaching would be exactly what you need to break out of old habits and limiting beliefs, get to the root of some issues and open you up to new possibilities about how you can live the life you want. 


"A few sessions of coaching really can transform your outlook, bringing clarity and perspective to areas of life that have become unclear or confusing. Amber's coaching techniques allowed me to look at those areas in a non judgemental environment and examine what I want and need. The answers are within us but having someone to reflect our thoughts, ask questions we hadn't thought of, or dared to ask ourselves, enables us to move on with greater freedom, motivation and purpose"


—  Sophie, Running Coach

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