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Educating students, parents and teachers about healthy eating patterns

Increases in disordered eating, an obesity epidemic and rising mental health concerns for young people means that schools and parents have an obligation, now more than ever, to educate children around healthy eating and nutrition.  

With two teenage children I understand the complexity of family dynamics, mealtimes, social media and nutrition and offer parents a wide range of strategies and tips for dealing with the challenges of 21st family life. 

The aspiration is for children to grow up with a healthy relationship with food, giving them a better longterm out come for their physical and mental health The ultimate way to achieve this is a holistic approach, making the time and space to talk to and work with children and their parents and care givers. 

1) Workshops For Children. Working in small groups the space gives young people a chance to ask questions and understand more about how what they eat connects to how they feel. Learning about the main food groups, the aim is to encourage balance in food choices without becoming overly anxious or obsessed. Although a fine balance in today's world with both ends of the eating spectrum becoming more apparent it is important to have these conversations and educate children.

* To support and encourage healthy eating patterns amongst children

* Help them to understand the links between what they eat and how they feel

* Explain some fundamental areas of nutrition

* Provide a safe space for children to ask questions about food and nutrition

2) Talks For Parents to learn key components of how they manage food and mealtimes to support their child.  

* Look at the impact of how we parent around food

* The impact of your food anxieties on your children

* How to encourage healthy eating patterns

* Create more enjoyable mealtimes

* Understand developmental stages that affect how children eat

* Red flags and what to do

For cases where there is specific concerns and more support required I work one to one with parents and children.

Nutrition Talks and Workshops Delivered to Date:

  • Immanuel College, Bushey

  • Akiva School, Finchley

  • Yerbury School, Tufnell Park


I just wanted to write to thank you for providing our parents with such an information and interesting talk yesterday evening.

From the questions that were raised, it was evident that what you said resonated with the audience and I know that many have now looked at your website, especially for the recipes.

—  Head of Year 7, Immanuel College

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