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At Nutrition For Health I have worked with a number of companies creating bespoke courses and talks on all aspects of nutrition. Whatever the demographic of your employees this can be a perfect offering for all members of your workforce, either online or in-person. 

  • Engage, educate and inspire your employees on how foods make them feel

  • Empower participants to create their own nutritious meals

  • Create improved energy and focus at work

  • Promote the health of your workforce

  • Improve company efficiency

  • Reduce sick days

  • Support mental health, manage stress through nutrition

Corporates I have worked for:



"Amber came in and worked with the team at IMImobile for 8 weeks. The sessions were received exceptionally well by the staff and have had a lasting impact on awareness of nutrition and health. Sessions with Amber were interactive, informative and there was a healthy amount of group discussion which encouraged everyone to be honest about their dietary habits! Since the sessions IMImobile staff have generally embarked on a more conscious diet focusing on balance with the lessons learnt from Amber. I would highly recommend the Nutrition for Health course for businesses interested in focusing on staff wellbeing - as well as injecting some fun into the office environment."   

—  Jay Patel, CEO IMImobile

Amber Cooking
Sitting At Desk
Corporate Workshop
Working Online
Corporate Talk
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