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Learn vital information about how to develop your child's healthy eating patterns in this evening workshop

At My Desk

Overview of the Course

We all have an idea about what to feed our children, but in this workshop I will be concentrating on the HOW and WHY of parenting around food.

  • Aims of Parening

  • Attitude to Food

  • Boundaries Around Food

  • Choices

  • Your Job at Mealtimes

  • Your Child's Job at Mealtimes

  • How To React When They Complain

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits

  • What Not To Worry About

  • Red Flags

  • The Journey To New Foods

  • Key Take Home Points

  • Questions and Answers


" Incredibly helpful summary of how to parent around food and mealtimes. So many things I'd never considered and wish I'd learnt years ago. Easy to understand and presented in a straight forward, no nonsense way. I will definitely be putting some of these ideas into practice."

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