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Supporting your child's physical and mental health

using nutrition and coaching 

Cooking With Kids

Teenagers and food The teenage years can be an incredibly sensitive time and food can become a complicated expression of their inner world. Maybe you are concerned about your child not eating enough, over eating, perhaps you are just are finding it difficult to support them to make healthy choices in a balanced way especially if they have chosen to eat in a way that you are not familiar with such as becoming vegan. 

There can also be a lot of anxiety around food and mealtimes, and it is not always easy for parents to handle the situation as effectively as they would like. I have a lot of experience supporting teenagers of both genders around nutritional concerns and eating patterns. I also work with parents closely to support them as they support their children. 

My goal is always to create a safe space for a child to share how they feel.  I have a gentle approach that allows them to feel listened to and understood, giving them structure and simple goals. Coaching goes hand in hand with nutritional advice in a way that is very effective. See Testimonials Below

Concentration and behaviour concerns are increasingly identified as issues for children and young people today. Breakfasts high in sugar, and diets low in Omega 3 fats are just two of the many ways nutrition can impact symptoms. I can help you make changes to your child's food intake that can make a big difference to concentration and behaviour both in school and at home. This is especially important during times of stress and exams. A review of food intake and support to upgrade to more nourishing food can make a huge impact in a short amount of time. 

Skin conditions can be extremely disconcerting and uncomfortable for a child, from eczema in toddlers to acne in teenagers. Foods can be nourishing and healing. I will help you to incorporate these into your weekly food intake, whilst  avoiding those foods that cause inflammation and exacerbate the situation. 

Food intolerances have become a huge anxiety and concern for parents. Whether you know or just suspect your child has an intolerance to certain food types, I can help you to assess this and make concrete plans that will ensure your child is getting all the right nutrients whilst educating and supporting you to manage their symptoms.  

Fussy eating in toddlers can be extremely frustrating and some simple tools can empower parents to manage the daily battle. This is a natural developmental stage and learning how to navigate this smoothly so that you come out the other side as quickly as possible is an important part of parenting. As well as one to one support I also run a Parenting Workshop that you can join.

Watch Testimonial Videos:

Food For Kids


"My daughter saw Amber for two sessions and since then she has completely transformed her approach to eating and exercise. She originally saw Amber to think more about how she could generally become more healthy-  as a teenager she was more aware of healthy eating . 


She has now chosen to cut out all junk food, eat only healthy snacks, reduced carb intake and often asks me to make a huge plate of just vegetables for dinner. She is drinking more water which we realised was really lacking in her daily routine and she has increased her exercise routine. 


We have been amazed to see that even two sessions have had such a huge impact and without any encouragement from us, she has chosen this independently and been completely self motivated to make these positive changes. She has even helped to get the rest of the family eating less meat and more vegetarian meals so we have all benefited from this wonderful shift."

—  Mum of 15 year old

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