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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Making changes that are going to impact your health and weight should be slow and steady, step by step. It can take time to find the right routine for you or the best way of eating that suits your needs. I find with most clients that if they have gone in too hard with huge changes then it’s not possible to keep going and everything ends up falling by the wayside. For me the key is getting to a point where your behaviour changes are consistent. The more regularly you are able to eat a nourishing meal or do a session of exercise the more likely you are to see results. As a client said to me the other day, I don’t understand how I reached this goal, I don’t feel like I did anything special this week… That’s because they were just doing the right thing - after a couple of months of making changes it was simply the consistency of their daily eating habits that was showing the results. Results might mean improvements in your mental health, lowering of blood pressure, increased energy levels, reduced weight, daily bowel movements…. Whatever your goals are for yourself, getting into a good routine and keeping it up is really important. That’s why a coach or friend or therapist is really helpful because they can motivate and support you. My Transform Package is built to support consistency of behaviour. I coach you through a process to make changes that are slow and steady, so that what you are doing becomes your normal. Get in touch if you want this in your life! Or if you know someone else who does please just share this post….

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