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Morning Snack

Gluten free buckwheat crisp bread from@amisaorganic- a delicious crunchy cracker suitable for many different spreads & butters.

Egg mayonnaise - this is so handy to make and keep in the fridge for a day or two - you can use a standard mayonnaise, vegan mayo or a spoonful of natural yoghurt to bind the chopped egg as a great protein rich snack.

The alfalfa sprouts are an incredible source of nutrients that I recommend for many clients especially women who are having hormone related symptoms, whether that be menopausal or PMS. The alfalfa is high in isoflavones and phytoestrogens, a natural source of plant oestrogen that can help balance hormones and minimise hormonal induced symptoms. By the way also high in vitamin K & vitamin C!

Broccoli sprouts are an immature broccoli plant containing huge amounts of a compound called sulphorane, with evidence to suggest that this nutrient can prevent DNA damage that leads to cancer and prevents inflammation that leads to neurodegenerative diseases.

It really is hugely beneficial to include these sprouts regularly into your food intake, and sprinkling them on top of crackers like I have is as easy a way as any. Also add to salads or sandwiches is delicious.

If you haven’t tried them before I encourage you to - they are also delicious, fresh & crunchy.

Sprouting seeds yourself is also pretty straightforward and satisfying, especially if you want to include as a daily source of food. Let me know if you want ideas on how to do this 👇

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