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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Excited by my very first kimchi ferment! I love eating it with all sorts of meals but have been slightly scared to make it. Finally been brave in lockdown and here it is. ⠀

Was very simple in the end: here is the list of ingredients FYI... ⠀

Chinese cabbage⠀

Daikon radish (O)⠀

Spring onion⠀

Himalayan salt ⠀




Fish sauce (High n number for best quality)⠀

Korean red pepper flakes, called gochugaru, found in Asian supermarkets ⠀

Just need to leave for 5 days before I taste it 🤞😅⠀

If you want more details of the recipe message me. Amazing for digestive health, which then impacts directly on mental health, immune health. Eating good probiotic foods has a huge benefit holistically for optimal health and weight. ⠀

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