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January Goal Setting

Clients see me to improve health symptoms and manage weight. January is a particularly busy as it is a great time for a reset of how you eat, a perfect time to take back control of your health and nutritional intake.

One of the ways I work is to set manageable goals with clients, ones that we agree to together, so that they have bought into them and our weekly consultations create a perfect level of accountability.

If you are keen to upgrade how you eat and improve your health why not think about what goals you can create for yourself that will push you a little bit without feeling too daunted. I am generally cautious to do too much at once - especially in January as many people do - as it is not sustainable and ends up backfiring: trying to cut out everything and eat like a rabbit just doesn’t work and is not healthy. I prefer to start with two or three achievable goals which you can build upon week by week or month by month.

Here are some of the goals that I have set for my clients this month so far. Of course they are very personal to them, it all depends on your starting point, your health or weight concerns: you may need bigger goals, more structure, less prescriptive but the point is that start with a couple and build up, one week at at time:

- Only one alcohol day a week

- No snacking after 8pm

- Don’t eat bread at lunchtime

- Make a large pan of soup at the weekend

- Eat out no more than once a week

- Always have vegetables with lunch and dinner

- Cut out one cup of tea to get to 2 cups a day max

- Reduce eating window from 12 hours to 9 hours

- Aim for 3 vegetarian meals a week

☎️If you aren’t sure where to start but would love to upgrade how you eat, improve your health, reduce weight do get in touch for a free discovery call and find out how I can help you.

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