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It's A Big Deal To Eat Your Veg

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Vegetable Fritters

If you need to get your veggie intake up these are pretty amazing…. Kale, leek, broccoli, peppers, tofu, feta, eggs, gram flour… Eating a diet abundant in greens is fundamental to optimal health.

Your gut bacteria love fibre, and good digestive health directly impacts mental health and immunity. Basically it’s a big deal to eat your veg!!

Not everyone loves veggies so sometimes you need to come up with other ways to serve them.

The way you chop and cook vegetables can make a real difference to fussy eaters and people who have always struggled with their greens. Being imaginative with ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet is worth pursuing.

As a Nutritional Therapist my job is to inspire my clients not just with what you need to do to improve your health but how to do it. I provide meal ideas and recipes to all my clients so that they can create Simple. Delicious. Nutritious. food that will ensure optimal health.

☎️If you aren’t sure where to start but would love to upgrade how you eat, improve your health, reduce weight, support your digestive health, get in touch for a free 30 mins discovery call and find out how I can help you.

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