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Immune System Boost

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Who doesn’t need a boost to their immune system right now?!

Let’s face it, there has never been a more important time to look after your health…. It’s pretty high up on my list of things to do that’s for sure!!

Boosting your immune system with nutrition is so delicious! And garlic is a fabulous medicinal food. ⠀

The therapeutic effects of garlic are mainly due to the active ingredient allicin. Chopping and crushing garlic stimulates the production of this compound, which is most medicinally active as a raw ingredient. ⠀

Garlic has been used medicinally throughout history, with records dating back 5000 years. Using food as medicine is what inspires me to do the work I do, teaching people how to incorporate foods into their diet that are both delicious and nutritious.

Garlic has medicinal properties that are anti-vital, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal…. What’s not to love?! Of course some people don’t tolerate too much garlic so go mindfully and always listen to your own body as to what works best for you.⠀

We eat so much garlic in my house - garlic in a green juice, garlic in salad dressings, garlic in curries and loads of pestos….

And here is a really lovely way to use garlic in your cooking, with a fresh homemade pesto. It is easy and quick, and can be used on pasta, rice, fish, vegetables, potatoes.⠀Today I made one with parsley and pumpkin seeds to have with salmon for dinner….

You can also make it with different herbs and nuts:⠀

✨Coriander and cashew⠀

✨Thai basil and peanut⠀

✨Sage and almond⠀

✨Dill and hazelnut

If you would like support and guidance with boosting your immune system or have any other health or weight concerns and would like to know more about how nutritional therapy could work for you get in touch for a free 30 mins discovery call

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