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Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to health. When I see a client I talk through all aspects of their life including exercise, stress, mental health. Love it or hate it, it’s vitally important to move our bodies, strength our bones, build muscle mass, exert out heart and lung capacity.

It’s not possible to be in optimum health and weight without doing some physical exercise. This is personal though - what suits one person does not necessarily suit another. A balance of cardio, strength training, and core support is ideal.

🧘‍♀️Partner up with a friend!

🏄Make it convenient

🚣‍♀️Be consistent

🤽‍♀️Balance exercise with lifestyle

🤸Don’t expect too much - set small goals

🏋️‍♂️Use an app to make it easy

🤼Listen to podcasts or music while you exercise

🤾‍♀️Have fun

🪂Mix things up

My exercise journey in summary:

😬Teenager, hated school sports

🙄20’s, did no exercise that’s worth noting

🤯30’s had kids, walked a lot, some pilates classes

😀Early 40’s started running and yoga. Walked the dog.

😫45, went through menopause, and back operation: stopped exercise

😀Late 40’s began to increase amount of exercise I did, got a better daily routine:

✅48+ half an hour every morning of stretching / yoga / pilates some core abs

✅49, cold water swimming, which I now do 4 days a week

✅50, working with a personal trainer once a week @livelaughtrain_

✅51 starting tennis lessons

☎️If you aren’t sure where to start but would love to improve your health, reduce weight, have support on your journey, need weekly accountability to get motivated, get in touch for a free discovery call to find out how I can help you.

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