Beetroot Soup

Updated: Apr 16

How beautiful does this look?! Excited to share with you that it also tastes amazing and.... yes it’s really great for your health and wellbeing to eat beetroot.

💥Rich in nitrates beetroot can help to reduce risk of heart disease: dietary nitrates convert to nitric oxide, a molecule that helps dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.⠀

💥Nitrates help improve use of oxygen and reduce time to exhaustion when exercising, which is why lots of athletes drink beetroot juice!⠀

💥Beetroot is also a rich source of glutamine and fibre, both essential for digestive health⠀

Some easy ways to eat include beetroot into your diet:⠀

👉Chop into cubes, roast in extra virgin olive oil, and add to salads⠀

👉Grate fresh and add to a coleslaw (see winter salad on previous post)⠀

👉Pickled, eaten with mackerel or hummus for lunch⠀

👉Juice with ginger and pomegranate ⠀

👉or perfect winter soup.... Made with onion, red pepper, thyme, horseradish, the stems of chard, sweet potato and beetroot. Cooked with a stock and blended. Sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts and some orange zest.⠀

In fact eating PURPLE FOOD is vital for optimal health (see previous post for details). So keep them in mind when you are food shopping, and make a conscious effort to include some purple foods in your diet regularly.⠀

💜Beetroot ⠀

💜Red cabbage⠀


💜Purple carrots⠀

💜Purple sweet potato⠀







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