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Mushroom Soup

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

✨Had a sudden craving for mushroom soup: it feels so comforting to eat. Deep earthy tastes, I like mine nice and garlicky too! If you fancy making it, why not try using mushrooms that you aren’t familiar with…⠀

✨You can use any combination of mushroom variety that you can get hold of. I normally get a big punnet of standard chestnut mushrooms and then add a variety of more interesting, medicinal mushrooms into the mix…⠀

✨Did you know that mushrooms may be one of the ultimate foods when it comes to “food as medicine”, possessing immune boosting properties, aiding digestion, anti-viral, they can even help relieve stress and anxiety. If all you’ve ever known are button mushrooms and you have any health concerns then it’s a super interesting area to delve into.⠀

✨Shitake mushrooms are probably one of the better know and most accessible immune boosting mushrooms and one that is incredibly easy to add into your culinary repertoire. They contain a compound called lentinan, that helps fights fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.⠀

✨If you can’t get hold of fresh, then all Asian supermarkets have plenty of dried mushrooms. A great store cupboard ingredient, you can throw them into plenty of recipes. Ideas of ways to add mushrooms into your diet include:⠀

*Sauté (in garlic!) for breakfast ⠀

*Eat with eggs, such as a mushroom omelette ⠀

*Add to sauces, risottos, quiche⠀

*Use in a broth such as chicken soup like I have done in the accompanying photo⠀

Mushroom Soup:⠀

1 tbsp ghee or olive oil⠀

1 onion⠀

3 garlic cloves⠀

Quarter of a celeriac or 3 sticks celery⠀

Large bunch parsley⠀

2 - 3 cartons of mushroom including shiitake (I used a mix). *Don’t forget mushrooms cook down very quickly so you always need more than less!⠀

1 tbsp brown rice miso paste⠀

2 pints stock - I use mushroom stock cubes, but if you don’t have them then vegetable stock will be great. ⠀

*Wash mushrooms and chop all the veg up.⠀

*Melt the ghee and add the onion and celeriac. ⠀

*Cook for a few minutes, then add mushrooms and parsley. ⠀

*Cook down for a few mins. ⠀

*Add miso paste and stock⠀

*Simmer for 15 mins⠀

*Blend well. ⠀

*Sprinkle with seeds ⠀

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