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Minestrone Soup

✨✨✨Soup is such a fantastic way to get loads of vegetables into your diet everyday, a must for optimal health. And always comforting if you feel a bit under the weather 🤒 🥶Perfect food for cold winter days. ✅I love that you can make it in advance and keep some in the fridge, for a quick easy meal when you’re in a hurry.

✅Use vegetable proteins such as the beans and lentils i used here, any variety will be great. These keep you feeling full for longer, great source of fibre and low in saturated fats. If you are new to beans and lentils this is a great way to start using them.

✅I try to add lots of herbs for taste and nourishment. Parsley helps in the detoxification process, supporting removal of heavy metals, it does a good job for us!

✅ I love using miso paste in soups and other casseroles or stews for depth of flavour, and with the added bonus of excellent gut boosting properties.

✅if you haven’t got one vegetable, just substitute for what you do have. The principal is the same and will be delicious!

✨✨✨ Simple. Delicious. Nutritious.

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