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Homemade Quiche

We made our own pastry, which was absolutely delicious. This is not something I would ever normally do, but we had the space and time. Not only was it practical and educational but also lovely to do together. ⠀

So if you can, take some time to cook with your kids, it’s a great opportunity and silver lining.⠀

Thanks to my wonderful mum who gave me her recipe for pastry: nice and simple, just how I like it 😂 2 parts flour to 1 part butter + 1 egg.⠀

Pastry Recipe:⠀

300g whole meal spelt flour⠀

150g butter⠀

1 egg⠀

A drop of milk⠀

Half a teaspoon of salt⠀

Filling Recipe:⠀

Fried 2 onions until caramelised.⠀

Added some spinach into the pan until wilted.⠀

Whisked 8 eggs and half a cup of milk⠀

Grated 100g cheddar.⠀

Mixed everything together.⠀

Blind baked the pastry for 15 mins using baking beans...⠀

Then baked uncovered for 5 mins.⠀

Finally added the filling and baked for 30 mins or until firm.⠀

Healthy. Delicious. Nutritious. ⠀

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