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Beautiful Dahl

If you are unfamiliar with cooking lentils then dahl is definitely the place to start. It is a perfectly simple meal, high in protein and fibre, low in saturated fat, amazingly nutritious for very little money, super easy and quick to make.

Garlic, ginger and turmeric also make this a highly medicinal food that is anti inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial. It will support immune health and digestive health, the really fundamental building blocks of Nutrition For Health. Let’s face it, it’s a win win.

💥NB: If you are someone who finds that lentils and beans gives them bloating and flatulence, it may have something to do with phytate levels: all seeds, grains and legumes contain phytates (or phytic acid) which are energy stores of phosphorus used to assist in germination. It can be really helpful to soak the lentils overnight or for a few hours during the day and then rinse well before cooking, as soaked lentils will have a much lower level of phytates. Note that if this sounds like you, other ways to reduce phytates are sprouting and fermenting foods….

But back to DAHL, the perfect meal because it is the epitome of my mantra:

✨Simple ✨Delicious ✨Nutritious

In my house we love eating leftover dahl for breakfast with a fried egg: never be afraid to step outside the box of conventional meals especially when it comes to breakfast!

This recipe is a Sri Lankan Dahl from @meerasodha which I come back to often.

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