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What's in YOUR kitchen?

I really do believe it's important to understand & appreciate how we make the food choices we’re making.

Food is a very complex issue. We make choices all the time, everyday, about how we shop, cook & eat. Why not take a minute to consider how YOU make the choices about what to buy & what to cook.

What drives the decisions you make as to what's in your kitchen cupboards? Could it be.....

  • Your weekly food budget?

  • The food you were brought up on?

  • Where you shop? Local? Big supermarket? Online?

  • How often you shop? Daily? Weekly? Randomly?

  • Do you plan your meals? Or make decisions in the moment?

  • Time available to cook? Leisurely creating sumptious dishes? Crazily rustling something vaguely heatlhy together?

  • Who else you are feeding? Kids? Elderly? Allergies? Fussy eaters?

  • Whether you're the sole feeder or you share the cooking?

  • Perhaps it is choices based on health or illness?

  • And your skills as a cook? How confident are you in the kitchen? Does this determine what you buy & make?

Why is it that what I have for breakfast, lunch, dinner is different from YOU?

What needs to be removed from my kitchen because it's harmful to my health?

How can I find out what SHOULD be in my kitchen?

Advice & help decluttering your kitchen cupboards to follow in the next blog update

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