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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

For me all food needs to be built with colour and texture, especially a salad.⠀

💚Green rocket⠀

❤ Red pepper⠀

💜Purple cabbage⠀

🤍White sprouts⠀

💛Yellow avocado⠀

🧡Orange tofu⠀

✅Then add your protein and fats....⠀

Vegan protein today: ⠀

✨Delicious red tofu from@taifuntofuwhich is particularly nice pan fried, in a dry pan just to crisp the outside. ⠀

✨My special savoury seeds (see previous video post on how to make this easily)⠀

✨Sprouted seeds. Sprouting increases nutrient levels and alfalfa sprouts are high in phytoestrogens for hormone balancing⠀

✨A dollop of hummus for good luck ⠀

Fats from:⠀

🥑Half an avocado⠀

🥑Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil⠀

🥑Nuts and seeds⠀

Simple. Delicious. Nutritious.⠀

⠀ ⠀

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