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Cookies that are tasty AND good for your brain!

I'm running another workshop this week about children and I want to focus on the nutrients that are absolutely essential for brain health.

Omega 3 fats, or the essential fats, aren't always easy to get in our kids. The main sources are oily fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout, herring) which can have a strong taste, & unless you have insisted they eat them from a young age, it is known to be an area of extreme fussiness...

Salmon is one source of omega 3 fat that kids eat more regularly in my experience. But as prices rise & quality is sometimes unclear, it is great to know there are other sources of these essential fats available, which are easy to incorporate into everyday snacks & meals.

Chia seeds are all the rage & if you don't know much about them, here are some top facts:

1) Unusually for a plant source, they are packed with omega 3 fats, so are important for brain health in our children

2) They contain plenty of calcium for bone & teeth health

3) They form a great protein source & specifically contain the amino acid tryptophan which helps regulate appetite, sleep & improve your mood

4) They are full of fibre

5) They provide more texture than any specific taste

So on that note here is my enticing Chocolate & Chia Seed Cookie recipe:

Melt the wet ingredients gently in a saucepan:

- 25g coconut oil

- 60g butter

- 50g brown sugar

- 30g honey

- 1 tsp vanilla extract

In a bowl mix together the dry ingredients:

- 120g wholemeal spelt flour (or wheat flour if you have that)

- 50g oats

- 50g chia seeds

- 30g ground flaxseeds (optional but gives an added nutritional boost!)

- 1/2 tsp baking powder

- 1tsp cinnamon

- 10g cocoa powder

Add dry ingredients to melted wet ingredients & mix well.

Spoon teaspoonfuls onto a baking tray covered with grease proof paper & flatten slightly with back of the spoon

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees C, for 12 mins

When cool sprinkle with icing sugar or melt 50g dark chocolate & drizzle over cookies

Chia seeds can be bought in almost all health food shops nowadays & in some supermarkets.

Other ways to use chia seeds is to sprinkle on foods such as salads, porridge, cereals & add to yoghurt. They look a bit like large poppy seeds & do have a crunch to them, but absorb a lot of moisture so become softer when used in cooking.


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