Weight Loss Package: Weight loss specialist in UK

Full Accountability. Guaranteed Success. Total Support

This package will suit you if any of the following apply to you:
  • You are looking for a healthy alternative to the standard ways to lose weight
  • You know that you need more support are looking for the personal touch
  • This is your first attempt at losing weight
  • You have had a baby a year ago and are ready to get back into pre-maternity clothes
  • You are going through the menopause and finding it harder than ever to shift weight
  • You have tried dozens of fad diets before and are fed up with nothing working
  • You are ready to lose weight where the emphasis is on healthy eating
  • You have some health problems and this is what is motivating you to lose weight
  • You are serious about weight loss and love good food, but are unsure how the two things combine
What you will gain from this weight loss package:
  • This package will teach you how to make SUSTAINABLE changes
  • I will explain the WHY of eating well, so that you are coming from a place of education
  • With the use of an online food diary you will learn to make better choices, one week at a time
  • Weekly conversations create ACCOUNTABILITY. This is a key part of losing weight: you are not doing this alone, but instead being supported by a nutritional professional who will guide you and help transform the choices you make, over the course of the programme
What the programme includes:
  • An initial 90 mins consultation at my clinic or online. I will take a full case history, review your food intake, take some measurements, discuss goals, create a target and put together a nutrition plan that is entirely personalised to your needs. This will take into account lifestyle, family life, budget, cooking abilities
  •  8 x 30 mins weekly phone calls provide support, keep you on track, ensure small goals are met, provide ongoing nutritional advise, food diary reviews, new recipes and ideas. 
  • Each week I will cover a key area of nutritional information, details below*
  • A final consultation at my clinic or online will ensure there is a sustainable future plan, using all the information you have learnt
  • Ongoing email support where required
  • A follow up phone call one month after the programme has officially finished to check in and review how you are getting on
  • NB: All packages can be modified to suit the individual - call me for more information

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*Key Areas of Nutritional Information Covered:
  • How to stay well hydrated - detailed look at water, caffeine and alcohol 
  • Snacking and "treats"
  • Why proteins are so important
  • Good gut health
  • Getting to grips with grains
  • Good fats, bad fats?
  • Understanding sugars
  • Intermittent fasting and Time Restricted Eating
"I have done many diets in my life and needed a sustainable diet that would help me loose and not gain the weight back in a month. I think this is what amber has done for me - with good tips and great reassurance on my efforts."
February 2019
Charlotte, aged 29
Optional Extras:
  • A cookery class can teach you what you need to know to make this programme work for you.
  • Kitchen detox: I will spend 3 hours with you, doing a kitchen declutter - an invaluable way to set you up to make better choices
  • Provide menu plans based around your needs: I am able to put together a detailed weekly plan which can be especially helpful if you have food intolerances or allergies, or very specific food requirements, or just require more support.

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