Teen Nutrition Programme

Full Accountability. Guaranteed Success. Total Support

This programme will suit you if three or more of the following applies to you:
  • You are a teenager (or parent of a teenager)
  • You eat too much "junk" and you would like to get educated about how to eat better
  • You find it hard to concentrate in school
  • You have anxiety issues
  • You have skin conditions that make you feel self conscious
  • There are weight concerns that you aren't sure how to address
  • You are confused by the constant changing health advice and food trends
  • You are a parent who doesn't know how to balance your child's nutritional needs with their desire to be vegan (or other lifestyle choices)
  • As a parent your would like professional help to support your teen
  • You know your child would benefit from nutritional guidance and a personalised plan
  • You are ready to help your teen take control of their food intake and make some changes
What you will gain from this package:
  • By the end of the 6 weeks your child will have a much better handle on their nutritional needs
  • They will feel more in control and better educated about what food is good for them
  • The work we do together will ensure SUSTAINABLE changes
  • Your child will learn to make better food choices and learn good habits
  • Full nutritional support and guidance 
  • As a parent or guardian I also provide guidance as to how best support your child
What the programme includes:
  • This programme runs over 6 weeks
  • We will have 2 x 60 mins consultations to discuss issues and work out strategies on how to support and guide your child. It is so important for the parents / guardians to understand both what and how to feed their child. 
  • There is a 60 mins consultation with the teenager themselves, which will allow me to understand the issues at hand and create a personalised nutrition plan. This will be a collaboration, ensuring your child is bought into the process and agrees to the changes. 
  • Everything I do will take into account goals, available time, lifestyle, confidence in the kitchen and specific concerns.
  • Depending on support required I will talk to your child weekly or fortnightly over the 6 weeks, to support and guide them through issues that arise.  This is a key part of the process, ensuring sustainable change. They are not doing this alone. 
  • A follow up consultation one month after the programme has officially finished allows us to check in and review progress.
  • NB: All packages can be modified to suit the individual - call me for more information
Some of the areas of nutritional information covered, depending on needs:
  • Nutritional breakfasts
  • How to manage snacks during and after school
  • Important points on reducing sugar intake
  • Understanding why good fats are vital
  • Educating you on the different types of carbohydrates
  • How to stay well hydrated for increased energy and concentration
Optional Extra:
  • A cookery class can teach you what you need to know to make this programme work for you.

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