For previous clients who wish to resume their nutrition journey 

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What You Will Gain

This package has been created especially for previous clients who last worked with me over six months ago and would like to revisit or restart their nutrition journey.

We are all human, and it is hard sometimes without support and guidance to stay on the health path that you would like to. This package allows you some space and time to resume your nutrition journey, back to a place of health.​

Includes a 1-hour review followed by 3 x 40 mins appointments


Through the process, I will review with you where you were on your nutrition journey when we last saw each other, where you are now, what has changed, what your current goals are. The same principles and tools apply as are used in Kickstart.

Optional Extras

  • A cookery class can teach you what you need to know to make this programme work for you.

  • Kitchen detox: I will spend 3 hours with you, doing a kitchen declutter - an invaluable way to set you up to make better choices

  • Provide menu plans based around your needs: I am able to put together a detailed weekly plan which can be especially helpful if you have food intolerances or allergies, or very specific food requirements, or just require more support.



"10 months after my initial consultation with Amber my circumstances had changed and I had started to put on weight: changes in hormones meant I did not feel in control. It was great to get back to see Amber.


The Restart package was exactly what I needed - the perfect way to review where I was at and have support to get to the place I wanted to be. Highly recommend for anyone who needs to get back on track!"  

—  Nadine, aged 48