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There is porridge and then there is PORRIDGE

Upgrading Your Nutrition ⠀

💥There is porridge and then there is PORRIDGE. It is not just oats. For a full spectrum of nutrients we need proteins and fats too.⠀

✨By adding nuts and seeds, we get a gorgeous source of protein, essential for repair and rebuilding muscles and tissues.⠀

✨Good fats are vital for mental health and cognition, for healthy skin and keeping membranes supple. The coconut oil is delicious in porridge.⠀

✨The oats should ideally be jumbo for complex carbohydrates, that release energy slowly and won’t have negative affects on your blood sugar levels.⠀

✨Cinnamon is an amazing spice that creates a feeling you are eating something sweet without adding sugar.⠀

❗So if you enjoy porridge for breakfast, but find that it doesn’t fill you up for long enough, then this could be your answer - upgrade how you make it, recipe below.⠀

✅ There are so many ways to upgrade what you are already eating to ensure you are having the nourishment required for optimal health. ⠀

✅When I see clients I try not to change everything they do: more often than not I add rather than take away, make swaps and upgrades.⠀

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