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♨Thai Chicken Curry with Sticky Coconut Rice

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

✨SUPER TASTY dinner made with chicken breast and LOADS of vegetables.⠀

🥥The coconut rice was creamy and fabulous with the juicy curry.⠀

3⃣0⃣ Prepped and cooked in only half an hour.⠀

🏝So so delicious. Honestly it took me straight back to a hut on a Thai beach… 😂if only!!!! I did make up the recipe as I went, and this is more or less what I did:⠀


*Blend 2 lemongrass sticks (took outer leaves off) with 2 cloves of garlic, an inch of ginger, a red chilli, a few springs of basil (I would have used This basil if I’d had it) and 1 tbsp of fish sauce. Add to the chicken breast pieces (I used 4 breasts chopped into chunks) and leave to marinade while you continue with the veg. ⠀

*Fry a few spring onions & a red pepper in some sesame oil.⠀

*Add the chicken and all the marinade, stirring for a few mins ⠀

*Add a large pack of fine green beans with a tbsp each of of oyster sauce, soya sauce and juice of 1 lime, followed by a large handful of halved tomatoes.⠀

*Add a whole sweet cabbage, roughly shredded. ⠀

*Stir together for about 5 mins until chicken cooked through and beans tender.⠀

*Check for seasoning and add more sauces or lime juice if desired.⠀


1 cup short grain rice⠀

1 cup coconut milk⠀

1 cup water⠀

1/2 tsp salt⠀

Throw together and simmer for 10-12 mins adding more water if it becomes too sticky.⠀

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