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Simple but Perfect Lunch

I have always advocated balance and variety, and encourage all clients to consider a more plant-based diet. This can mean different things to different people depending on your starting point. ✨It might mean cutting down on meat, increasing veg, educating yourself about what vegetable proteins are, understanding where to get good fats from, maybe having one day a week that you choose a vegetarian dinner, aiming for one vegan meal a day, perhaps just swapping to a plant-based milk is enough for now.

This salad is a great example of how easy a salad can be with a little bit of prep. Cooking some quinoa and lentils at the start of the week and having them in the fridge means you can grab a couple of spoonfuls, add some lettuce and other bits like sauerkraut or kimchee and you can really put together a complete meal in minutes.

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