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Simple Asian Salad

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

☀Perfect food for a heatwave

💛Simple💛Delicious💛Nutritious ⠀


✨Sweet potato, roasted⠀

✨Chinese cabbage, shredded ⠀

✨Cashew nuts, toasted ⠀

✨Spring onions, sliced⠀

✨Black sesame seeds, sprinkled⠀

✨Mint and coriander, chopped ⠀

✨Lime, zested ⠀

✨Red chilli, finely sliced ⠀

Dressing, 1 tbsp each of: ⠀

*Fish sauce⠀

*Soya sauce⠀

*Sesame oil⠀


*Juice of a lime⠀

*Ginger grated


✅Gluten free⠀

✅Fresh and crunchy⠀

✅Tasty and filling ⠀

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