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Shitake Mushrooms

We are all highly aware of how important our immune system is right now, to help our bodies fight off colds, coughs, flu and of course Covid….

💥As well as consuming a lovely whole food diet abundant in vegetables, you can boost your immune system with highly medicinal foods.

✅Shitake mushrooms are one of those foods, containing a compound called lentinan, that helps fights fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

✅Asian supermarkets have plenty of dried mushrooms like these, which are great to have in the store cupboard as you can throw them into plenty of recipes. Knowing mushrooms like shiitake have extra immune boosting properties should encourage you to use them in your cooking, as it is so easy to do, for example:

*Sauté (in garlic) for breakfast with eggs

*Add to sauces, risottos, quiche

* Add to a broth such as chicken soup like I have done in the accompanying photo :

Chicken Soup with a Twist:

💫If you batch make chicken soup and then freeze it you will love yourself forever!

So for this soup I did indeed defrost some chicken soup and then added:

>Brown rice (or you could use noodles)

>Brown miso paste @clearspringuk

>Grated ginger

>Shiitake mushrooms (dry or fresh)

>Spring onion

>Baby corn

>Green beans

>Shredded cavolo nero

>Silken tofu

✅Super quick

✅Incredibly delicious

✅Amazingly healthy

✅Fabulous for digestion

✅Immune boosting

✅Totally perfect

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