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Seedy Celeriac Salad

💥Celeriac is a delicious vegetable to make as the base for a salad. It is a root vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. By grating it and eating it raw, you maintain a high vitamin and mineral content, in particular C which is so vital for immune support.

💥With a subtle celery taste and nutty overtones, celeriac makes a wonderful backdrop for the colours and flavours of the rest of the ingredients.

For 2 people for lunch:

👉4 tbsps cooked black lentils

👉Half a celeriac grated

👉Handful of dill, chopped (other herbs are also great)

👉A scattering of pomegranate

👉2 handfuls of sprouted beans

👉Some mixed salad leaves

👉2 tbsp savoury seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame) - see RECIPES in bio for details

👉Juice of half a lime

👉Dressing of your choice-tahini sesame dressing is great

👉I also added a dollop of a spicy peanut chilli condiment for a kick. I love having these sorts of things in the cupboard - they are so worth it to up the ante! Swipe across for details. @whitemausu

✨Great for digestion, this is a high fibre salad

✨Nutrient dense it takes times to eat and will keep you feeling full and satisfied

✨Vitamin K & Calcium rich, this salad is amazing for supporting strong bones

✨Gluten free and vegan

✨High in vegetable protein sources

✅This is a lovely alternative salad to have in your recipe box so why not SAVE it now so that you remember for later when you are shopping or looking for inspiration!!✅

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