Sardine Supper

Nostalgic Food With Benefits!

🏖Are you daydreaming of holidays? Imagining yourself sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean?

🐟This simple fish dinner is THE perfect way to imagine that right now.... And trust me it really is SIMPLE!

PLUS the fact that it is also delicious, and then the triple whammy… super health benefits:

✅ Promotes good heart health

✅ Supports mental health

✅ Reduces inflammation

✅ Improves digestion

……what’s not to LOVE?! ❤️

Eating great healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated and this is the perfect example of that:

Pan fried sardine fillets @londonfarmers

✨A beautiful oily fish from our local British seas

✨Great quality protein

✨Incredibly good value

✨Amazing source of omega 3 fats

✨Take 3 mins to cook in a hot pan

*oily fish includes pilchards, mackerel, herring, salmon, trout, anchovies

❗️Swipe across for a great article from @waitrose Weekend magazine about the Cornish Fishing industry

Cavolo Nero from @abelandcole

✨Perfect, seasonal dark green vegetable

✨Rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins K, C & B’s

✨High in fibre

✨1 min to wash and chop + 3 mins to steam

✨Drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and some Himalayan salt and black pepper

Diced roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes

✨Perfect accompaniment to fish

✨Rich in fibre, vitamins B, A & C

✨Take 30 -40 mins max when diced into small cubes

✨Sprinkled with some garlic salt, pepper and a little olive oil

In summary, in case you didn’t quite hear my utter excitement 😂, this is:

💥Absolutely delicious

💥Minimal prep

💥Simple to cook

💥Highly nourishing

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