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Quinoa & Carrot Salad

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Quinoa - great gluten free carb that is high in protein and perfect for the store cupboard right now.⠀

Grated carrots - pretty abundant and easy to get hold, adding vitamin A, an important nutrient for boosting your immune system.⠀

Savoury seeds - see previous post for recipe. Worth making and keeping in a jar to sprinkle on salads . High in zinc, great immune support. ⠀

Chickpeas - cooked from dry. Cheap and delicious source of vegetable protein, high in phytoestrogens for hormone balancing.

Herbs - I used coriander and chilli but anything you can get hold of will really upgrade the salad.⠀

Finished off with a tahini dressing: couple of table spoons of tahini (high In calcium, especially great if you’re vegan), 1 crushed garlic (amazing anti viral medicinal food), squeeze or more of lemon juice and a few spoons of warm water.... plus salt to taste. Blend to desired consistency.

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