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Decided to make some chicken soup, with chicken carcass from@farm_directuk, great medicinal food and always excellent to have some in the freezer ready for any illness in the family, or just some well needed comfort.⠀

Inspired by the incredible spicy kimchee soup from our local Korean restaurant which is sadly currently closed,@kkini_korean_grill and after checking out a few recipes online including a good one @nytcooking I pimped my chicken soup by doing the following very simple steps:⠀

Fried 4 cloves of garlic and an inch of grated ginger in a little sesame oil for a few mins. Then added my chicken soup, a packet of kimchee, shredded spring cabbage, rice noodles and chicken pieces that I’d salvaged from the making of the soup. I let it cook for a few mins, checked for taste, then added some extra Korean chilli sauce that I found in the Asian supermarket, (other chilli sauce or Siracha would be fine) and served. ⠀

It had an incredible kick, was absolutely amazingly delicious, totally easy and super healthy. Perfect combination!

Simple. Delicious.Nutritious.

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