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One Pot Dinner


One pot chicken and rice. This was totally yummy and smelt incredible. And super easy. Highly recommend for an easy week night dinner. ⠀

Simple. Delicious. Nutritious.⠀


Finely chopped and then sweated half a leek and one onion in a spoon of coconut oil.⠀

Then added a grated courgette and cooked for a few mins.⠀

Followed by:⠀

4 cloves of crushed garlic⠀

2 tsp garam masala⠀

1 tsp ground cumin⠀

1 tsp ground turmeric⠀

2 cardamon pods⠀

1 tsp salt⠀

Juice of half a lime⠀

Cooked for a couple of mins then added:⠀

A handful of cashew nuts⠀

Half a can of black eyed beans (leftover, but you could add any pulses, or none)⠀

10 - 20 cherry tomatoes cut into quarters⠀

5 blocks of frozen spinach⠀

A rinsed mug of short grain brown rice⠀

A small can of coconut cream⠀

A mug of water, so that the rice was well covered⠀

Stirred well ⠀

Placed 4 chicken thighs on top and into oven, covered for an hour on 170C and uncovered for 20 mins on 190C⠀


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