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Omega 3 Salad

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

🐟Mackerel is an excellent source of “essential” omega 3 fats, important amongst other things for cognitive function, clear healthy skin, keeping membranes supple and having anti-inflammatory properties. ⠀

💥And if you didn’t know, good fats are also an integral part of EVERY cell in your body, helping form the flexible outer layer that ensures nutrients you eat can enter the cell and create energy. ⠀

👏So, let’s face it that is a pretty important list of reasons to ensure you eat good fats DAILY!⠀

🥗One easy way is by adding some oily fish to a lunchtime salad. This could be smoked mackerel like I did today, but equally tinned sardines or a piece of salmon.⠀

Other ways to include good fats could be things such as:⠀


*Chia seeds mixed with yoghurt and fruit⠀

*Homemade granola with nuts and seeds (recipe on my IGTV)⠀

*Scrambled egg and smoked salmon⠀


*Almonds added to a smoothie⠀

*Walnuts with a piece of fruit⠀

*Fish pate on cracker (recipe on previous post)⠀

*Half an avocado⠀

👉Lunch or Dinner⠀

*Savoury seeds sprinkled on a salad (recipe on previous post)⠀

*Miso salmon stir fry⠀

*Grilled trout with potatoes and veg⠀

*Nut roast and salad

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