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Nut Loaf

This is a fabulous one pan loaf that is packed with taste and nourishment, making a perfect lunch or dinner.

Adaptable as a vegan or vegetarian meal because you can so easily swap in eggs and cheese for “chia eggs” and vegan cheese.

Here I ate it accompanied by a green rocket salad, but it could work equally well (some might say better!) with roast potatoes, gravy and all the trimmings for a veggie Sunday lunch option.

This loaf is great eaten hot, warm or cold, so made in advance is no problem.

I love this loaf for its simplicity, in that you just keep adding ingredients into the one pan! And of course like most of my recipes it can be adapted according to your tastes and ingredients available.

With nuts for protein and good fats, this loaf is also balanced out by loads of vegetables which makes it much lighter than a traditional nut roast. Full of fibre, prebiotic foods this meal is amazing for supporting digestive health.

Even if you are a meat eater, having some good veggie recipes is important and this is a keeper!

Here is a list of the ingredients but head over to my website for the full recipe, link in bio.











Breadcrumbs (gf)

Eggs or Chia Eggs

Cheese or vegan cheese

Soya sauce

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