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Noodle Salad

Thought you might like an idea for dinner this week.... neither wintery or Christmassy 😂but hey, it still went down well in my family and was a nice change from soups and curry! Plus if you and your family have a busy schedule this week with one of those nights where no one is around for dinner at the same time, this salad is great as everyone can help themselves when they are ready. Swipe right to see the finished product. If you aren’t sure about how to use tofu this is super easy and literally nothing to do but chop it up. And as tofu takes on the taste of all the flavours around this is a great salad, full of flavour. ✅Tofu is high in phytoestrogens which are incredible medicinal food for supporting hormone balance in women. Especially great for perimenopause or menopause. I’d love to know if you cook with tofu and how you find it.... let me know! ✅I always use large handfuls of herbs in all my cooking and especially salads, as much for the taste as anything. However the plus side with herbs is they are extremely important for liver support, an organ that we really need to look after for detoxification. And let’s face it we live in a pretty toxic world, so looking after your liver is vital. Especially so if you are going through any stage of menopause or have other hormone imbalances. ✨Vegan.

✨Gluten free.

✨Abundant vegetables.

✨Bunches of herbs. ✨Silken tofu. ✨Nuts and seeds. ✨Simple. ✨Delicious. ✨Nutritious.

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