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Miso Salad with Kale

A simple salad to inspire you for the week ahead…

Marinated, meaning to soak food in some liquid, imparting a fuller flavour and softening it, breaking down some proteins. Marinating raw harder veg like this dark green kale is an amazing way to consume them, incredibly effective.

Here I have made a dressing in a small blender but you could just whisk this and it would work. The combination of lemon or lime, miso and ginger not only provides an intense flavour sensation but also is fabulously medicinal and immune boosting. This is food as medicine as its finest!

With high magnesium content from the greens, calcium from the seeds you are going to love this salad. Perfect on its own or serve with fish, aubergine, tofu or Asian dish of your choosing.

If you want to upgrade how you eat, if you want to support your health using nutrition, if you need accountability to really create a transformation in your health or weight then get in touch for a free discovery call to find out more about how I work.

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