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Mini Hash Brown Frittatas

Mini hash brown frittatas with veg.

Lovely for kids packed lunch or after school snack. Or if your teenager has exams this month and doesn’t like to eat breakfast or never has time to sit down for 5 mins, they would be perfect to give them to eat on the way to school! Full of protein and vegetables they will keep your child feeling full and with energy for their day ahead.

Can be frozen and heated up as a quick after school snack too!

Method: Grate 2 potatoes and some cheddar Whisk 2 eggs Mix (Add a spoonful of nutritional yeast optional for added vitamins) Stir fry chopped veg such as leeks, broccoli and kale Stir all together. Bake in (mini) muffin tin for 15 - 20 mins until golden

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