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Mackerel pate

Super simple, utterly delicious and completely nutritious!! So straightforward it’s almost embarrassing 😜 150g smoked mackerel fillets - could used smoked trout too. Great taste and full of omega 3 fats, important as part of a balanced diet, for reducing inflammation and supporting mental health. 50g silken tofu - a brilliant use of tofu making this a dairy free pate, and with the added bonus of some important phytoestrogens as part of a hormone balancing diet. 25g parsley - adding herbs to food gives them an extra edge for some super wonderful liver support. Juice of half a lemon and some black pepper for delicious taste! Blend. Eat on a crunchy cracker with alfalfa sprouts, ANOTHER amazing food for phytoestrogenic hormone balancing effects…. As you can see this recipe is awesome for women over 40, in peri menopause or menopause. And that is why I made it for a lovely group of women from Hampstead Women’s Club who are coming for a workshop at my house tonight, Eating Well For The Menopause. Whether you are a group of old friends, work colleagues, school mums or team buddies, I can create a perfect evening of education whilst tasting delicious food samples with take home notes and recipes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in attending then why not get in touch and we can make a plan

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