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Lush Split Pea Soup⠀

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

❄Feels very wintery here in London and really need soup. ⠀

🛒With a bit of a fridge raid I found the kaffir lime leaves bought for my rice dish the other night (previous post) and that inspired this.⠀

😋Turned out to be a gorgeous, slightly unusual, but really super delicious and creamy soup.⠀

I have been cooking with more GHEE recently, and if you don’t know why that would be, here is the ghee lowdown:⠀

👉Ghee is clarified butter: that means the oil of butter, with the milk solids removed. ⠀

👉It is therefore lactose free, great for anyone lactose intolerant.⠀

👉Available in most supermarkets and health food shops. If you fancy a challenge you can make your own quite easily.⠀

👉Ghee has a wonderfully creamy, gorgeous nutty flavour. ⠀

Classified as a good fat ghee is very nourishing:⠀

💫Contains butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that supports healing of cells in the digestive system. ⠀

💫Full of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K⠀

💥All in all ghee is definitely an ingredient worth having in your cupboard: it doesn’t need refrigerating and lasts a long time.⠀

💥My advise would be to buy a good quality one, with cows that are grass fed and living without antibiotics, so look for organic labels. ⠀

💥Of course like all fats there needs to be balance and moderation with use⠀


1 dessert spoon of ghee (use butter if you don’t have)⠀

1 white onion, chopped⠀

1/2 a leek, chopped⠀

1/4 white cabbage, shredded⠀

1 medium white potato, peeled and diced small⠀

1 cup dried yellow split peas ⠀

2 dessert spoons of coconut milk powder (optional but delicious)⠀

1 dessert spoon white miso paste⠀

4 kaffir lime leaves shredded ⠀

2 heaped teaspoon Swiss veg bouillon powder⠀

2 litres water⠀

Salt and pepper to taste⠀

*Melt the ghee and add the onion, and leek. Cook for a few minutes, followed by the lime leaves and cabbage. ⠀

*After 5 mins add the potato, and all the rest of the ingredients. ⠀

*Simmer for 30 mins, check the split peas are soft.⠀

*Blend well. ⠀

*Sprinkle with coriander, chilli and black sesame seeds.⠀

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