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⁣Fresh Quinoa Salad⠀⠀

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

So simple, that you can’t believe it tastes so good!⠀

*Cook quinoa - fail safe recipe is below⠀

*Add a few nuts: I used chopped pistachios but other options would be flaked almonds or hazelnuts⠀

*Finely chopped herbs: I love dill and coriander, but mint and parsley would be great too⠀

*Pomegranate seeds are fabulous pearls of sweet juice, if you don’t have pomegranate you could add a couple of finely chopped dried apricots or some strawberries

*Zest and juice of a lime or lemon⠀

*Salt and pepper⠀

*Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil⠀

Goes perfectly with salmon, chicken, marinated baked tofu, chickpeas, feta or eat it as is with a large handful of rocket!⠀

Delicious on a hot September evening….⠀

💛Simple 💛Delicious 💛Nutritious.⠀

For Perfect Quinoa follow these instructions:⠀

✨1 cup quinoa to 1.5 cups water.⠀

✨Simmer for 10 mins with lid on.⠀

✨Then turn off the heat and leave for at least another 10 mins

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