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Fast Food My Style....

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

🍵Alongside a cup of soup - such as the Leek & Almond Soup I made yesterday, see previous post - I eat things like this when I’m in a hurry or very hungry and not done much food prep….⠀

🍞This sprouted buckwheat bread may sound unfamiliar but it is so delicious, really soft and THE perfect conduit for hummus and sauerkraut. And I love that there are only 3 ingredients in it. Of course if you can’t get hold of bread like this or if you can’t eat anything with yeast, just swap for some crackers like Amisa Buckwheat crisp breads, corn cakes, oatcakes or rye thins.⠀

💫The combination of all of these, alongside a cup of soup full of green vegetables is the absolute pinnacle of fast food that is DELICIOUS + NUTRITIOUS.⠀

💥When I talk to clients about upgrades, and they are eating tins of soup and a slice of bread and cheese for lunch, this is where I go…. ⠀

👉Swap the tinned soup for homemade, swap the white sliced bread for something more wholesome and nutritious, swap the cheese for a protein source that is high in fibre, add some probiotic food like this Hurly Burly sauerkraut.

🛒The only thing that I am adding in is a little bit of planning, changing shopping patterns and opening eyes to other possibilities.⠀

☎If you would like to UPGRADE your eating, to TRANSFORM your health, get in touch for a free 30 mins discovery call and to find out more.




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